Sponsor A Gift For A Graduating Black Columbian

Alexandria and George Van Amson BlackGraduation 5-19-2013

We are thankful for the support we garner each year from alumni who make the Black Graduation ceremony a successful and special event. Last year we were able to raise enough money to purchase custom graduation stoles for all of nearly 120 students who walked down the graduation aisle.

This year, even more graduating seniors have already signed up to participate in the ceremony and the BAC has committed to help them raise the funds needed once again.

We kindly ask that you consider purchasing one or more stoles using the link below. The stoles serve as a proud symbol of distinction for  students and endure as cherished keepsake for each recipient.

Thank you for your participation.

The BAC Executive Board


$25/ 1 Stole


$100/5 Stoles


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Black Graduation 2013 003

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