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Black Alumni Council of Columbia University

Los Angeles Chapter

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The Los Angeles Chapter of the Black Alumni Council of Columbia University will exist to achieve the following ends:

  1. To establish and maintain a community of alumni from all of Columbia’s schools who are connected to the Los Angeles area by birthplace, residence, or employment.
  2. To provide a support system for Columbia students who are from Los Angeles, or whose summer employment opportunities occur in Los Angeles.
  3. To serve as a link between black Columbia alumni living in the Los Angeles area, the main BAC chapter in New York, and the University.


The LA-BAC seeks to reach the following goals and objectives through a series of events and initiatives designed to create camaraderie and community using our common connection as Columbia alumni as a base:

  1. Create a strong academic, professional, and social network for current and future black Columbia alumni residing and working in the Greater Los Angeles Area:  We seek to meet this objective by facilitating networking opportunities that allow black Columbia alumni to interact and share resources with one another in creative and energetic ways.
  2. Develop a support system for current and potential Columbia undergraduate students in the Greater Los Angeles Area: We seek to meet this objective by creating opportunities for alumni and students exchange information relative to being a student at Columbia, as well as to provide guidance and support to students who are adjusting to life at Columbia.
  3. Build stronger connections between alumni of the various Columbia umbrella and affiliate schools:  We seek to meet this objective by actively working with the University, the main BAC chapter, and known Los Angeles contacts to broaden the reach of the LA-BAC and increase the number of graduate-level alumni who are connected to the black alumni community in Los Angeles.
  4. Serve the Greater Los Angeles community:  We seek to meet this objective by seeking opportunities to contribute to the welfare of people in under-served communities, including (but not limited to) opportunities to provide educational enrichment, to beautify distressed neighborhoods, and to increase awareness for causes deemed important by the group.

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