19th Annual Black Solidarity Conference

On behalf of a group of black students at Columbia, I would like to solicit your support to assist us in attending the 19th Annual Black Solidarity Conference at Yale University, February 13-16, 2014.  The Black Solidarity Conference (BSC) is one for the largest student run conferences in the nation.  Workshops during this 3 day conference include: 1) Eliminating Commericialism: a Reintroduction to Hip Hop; 2) Write, Listen and Look: Finding the Deeper Meaning in Spoken Word; 3) In Living Color and Movement; and 4) Representations on the Stage and Screen.  The conference will culminate with keynote address by Nikki Giovanni, renowned writer, activist and educator.  The cost for attending the conference is $150 dollars per person.  In addition to the workshops and seminars, this conference provides food and lodging for the three days of the conference.  Furthermore, the conference provides an excellent networking opportunity for students of color and serves to encourage students to meet their academic objectives.  It is our hope to build on Columbia’s improved presence at the conference last year.

For many of the members in our organization, the cost to attend this conference is prohibitive.  We would appreciate it if you would consider sponsoring a single student or a group of students to attend the conference by picking up the cost of the $150 dollar registration fee.  Students would be required to pay their own travel costs to the conference.  Within our organization we hope to raise sufficient funds to sponsor 20 students to attend this conference.  Donations can currently be given by clickign the PayPal link below and will be accepted until January 31st.  Thank you kindly for your consideration. For more information on the Black Solidarity Conference go to http://www.yale.edu/bsc/reg.html